We Turn Live Events into Life Events.

Our passion lies in innovating the way brands reach consumers. Gone are the days of one-to-one connections. With our revolutionary Thuzi Event Pass® Platform and innovative offerings, we make it possible for brands to connect with consumers in real, meaningful ways and capture valuable data along the way. We create social by design experiences. So, what makes us different?

  • Frictionless Registration

    Event attendees are able to seamlessly and quickly register for events online, through mobile devices or on-site, providing an incredibly streamlined, scalable and frictionless experience that greatly reduces the effort needed to have them enjoy all of the engagement activities they and you expect. Our broad registration functionality means you can also include other family members, kids, and photo identifications too.

  • Access Control & Check-In Tracking

    The Thuzi's Event Pass® Platform allows you to create personalized virtual ticketing and access control, so whether you're looking to monitor general admission, grant VIP access, manage queues at celebrity meet and greets or any other needs, we can manage it. Beyond access control, we can track where guests have been at your venue and when paired with our badging or gamification applications that can award points and other benefits, we make exploring your event both fun and rewarding.

  • Photo Marketing

    Let your guests experience the ultimate "I was here" photo or animated GIF. Help your attendees turn their awesome live-event experience into a "life event" that they'll want to share, including the option to choose which branded overlay they want. Brands and event-owner clients that use our real-time, in-event social linking drive content amplification of over 300 times or more. That means each attendee's event activities on our platform are instantly enabled to drive immediate earned media impressions, often in the millions for a single event.

  • Mobile App Integration

    Want us to drive downloads of your app? We deliver proven results. If you want to add the power of our platform functionality into your app, our API makes it easy. Seamlessly linking mobile apps using our API gives guests another great reason to download your app and instantly allows our platform to integrate into your at-event promotions, drive additional social engagement, present specific and localized post-event calls to action, and add data to your CRM and marketing systems.

  • Video Marketing

    You want much more than a photo? Harness the power of sight, sound and motion for an unforgettable experience at your event. Enable attendees to star in, and share, their own commercial using client provided intro and outro clips and music. Just like with our Photo Marketing, our real-time, in-event social linking drives incredible content amplification of over 300 times or more, driving immediate and significant earned media impressions.

  • mobile Paparazzi

    Don't be tied down to wires, cords and outlets. Get to where the action is at your event! Our Mobile Paparazzi turns a smartphone into a mobile content generator. Watch your branded overlay adapt to the screen as you take photos in landscape or portrait. Then witness the magic as your brand ambassador quickly scans the guests credentials and the photo instantaneously appears on Facebook or Twitter!

  • Photo Tagging Stations

    It's as easy as snapping and tapping. We snap the photo with the branded overlay, the attendee sees it on a tagging station and quickly and easily posts it social or sends it via email. It really is that simple.

  • On-Site Event Photo Printing

    Want to give your guest a cool keepsake? Your branded high-quality photographs can also be printed at the event. Our Photo Marketing application can link to multiple printers to produce hundreds or thousands of high quality photos quickly and efficiently.

  • Gamification

    All of our platform engagement applications, whether configured or customized, are mobile-optimized and enabled for assignment of point values for participation. Once points are accumulated, it's prize time. The attendee steps up, we scan to see their points then deduct based on what benefit they chose, now or later. Kids of all ages appreciate the fun.

  • Dynamic Leaderboards

    For the most competitive among us, if you're not first, you're last! Give your guests a way to see how they stack up to the competition at your event. Whether it's trivia, games of skill, visiting the most sponsors, completing surveys, or almost anything else, if it can be scored we'll show it and if it can be bragged about, they'll share it with their friends.

  • Trivia Marketing

    Ask anything you want! Use our multiple choice trivia to entertain and inform about your product, brand or event! Pair it with our Leaderboard and watch your attendees compete for prizes and pride.

  • Badge Tracking

    If your event includes badging of attendees, put it to full use! We capture all event activities you define, including real-time monitoring. Now you can quickly see who is doing what, including providing incentives to maximize activation participation at your venue.

  • scan To Win

    Have a carrot to share? Get attendees engaged while generating buzz and excitement by providing instant scan-to-win prizes. Our algorithms can be set up using number of prizes and time windows. Want to give away more or less? No problem, our system can be adapted on the fly.

  • scan for Info

    How much is your product? Does it come in red? Empower guests to learn more without having to haul around a bag full of brochures. You'll be able to capture attendees and add them into your CRM database so you can engage them later.

  • Dynamic Lead Gen Surveys

    Inject some lead generation into your experience with an easy to complete survey. Whether during the registration process or as a stand alone application, you can capture valuable and actionable insights about your guests and make an immediate impact on their purchase path.

  • Social Polling & Data Visualization

    Which team are your attendees rooting for? Ask any question and see what they think in real time using our social polling.

  • social Wall

    The Thuzi Social Wall is the central feed for everything going out via social media about your event. Listen, curate and approve Tweets, Instagrams and photos taken in real time at your event and watch them magically appear on a monitor, a big wall of flat screens or a jumbotron the size of Texas.

  • Analytics & Insights

    Who attended your event? What activities were most popular? How many impressions and sales leads did you drive? Go ahead, geek out with as much awesome data as you want because we seamlessly capture it all.

  • custom Engagements

    We know every client has different needs, goals and strategies. Because of the flexibility of our platform, we make it easy to help develop new technology solutions for your custom engagement ideas. It's how we started our business many years ago and our platform integrates it all.


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