I WILL Produce Results for Under Armour

Under Armour implemented the "Event Pass Platform," our live event social media tool, to on-ramp, engage and amplify the attendee activities at the NFL Combine Experience at the Super Bowl, at Notre Dame games, at Baltimore Ravens games, at the MLB All-Star Fan Fest, at The Preakness and when they wanted to launch their new basketball shoe line. These engagements in turn created authentic Under Armour branded cozntent. These branded photos and videos of participants competing and memorializing their participation were posted on their Facebook newsfeed and Timeline.

Staying true to Under Armour’s high tech apparel lineage we used silicone wristbands with Under Armour's recognizable and desirable logo along with branding for Navy, Notre Dame, and the Baltimore Ravens, which attached the attendees Facebook profile to the wristbands embedded RFID chip. This method of registration provided valuable demographic and psychographic user information to UA and amplified the user's experience on the social graph.

Thuzi helped create authentic and shareable brand recommendations by publishing branded content such as dynamic scores on participant photos, end zone dance videos and animated gifs. The authentic "Life Event" stories were amplified further by automated Facebook Sponsored Stories resulting in social graph participation of 300 friends per action (300x amplification).

We also socially enabled custom glass-encased product stand-alone "Like Stations" which showcased Under Armour's newest products. These "Like Stations" enabled attendees to simply swipe their wristband to "Like" UA products on Facebook. These interactions essentially bookmarked these products for the guest to explore more and shop later, driving tangible e-commerce.

At all of these events Under Armour was able to measure the activations performance in real-time using our custom analytics & tracking system.